Monday, December 19, 2016

Snorkeling off Tintamarre Island

I did it! I finally fulfilled a resolution I made back in 2011 and I dream I've always had: to learn to swim.

I took the first round of classes in 2015 and it was okay, just okay. I faced my fear of drowning and drank tons of sea water, but I was no murmaid at the end. I must say that the instructor was great at teaching adults with a healthy fear of dying how to swim.

This year I took and intensive refresher that culminated in one of the best days this year! Snorkeling off Tintamarre island! Different instructor but again great with adults who don't want to die in this here water!

I'm proud to share some video I took of the whole new under water world that has opened up to me.
disclaimer: this shot of the turtle from the sea floor was taken by my instructor. I'm not at that mastery level just yet! 

But this one shot up at the surface was all me baby!

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