Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The road back to health is such a long and hard one.....Who knew?

There hasn't been much adventures around here lately or much activity whatsoever, so no blogging.

The spirit is willing, but the body is not having it. I remember fondly the days of doing 10km hike every Sunday morning, climbing mountains....
....hugging trees.........

....I really miss non medical related travel. ......

I can't believe I also miss kayaking, what?? Surprised  myself there.

and zipping through loterie farm

My DSLR broke in July, so I miss Photography as well.

And just generally just enjoying my island

I miss being active, doing stuff, I don't recognize this body, the aches, the fatigue, the lack of energy.

So the process is longer than I'd imagined and I'm having trouble reconciling that this may very well be my new normal, it's not computing.

I'm being cautious, listening to my body and not pushing it, but the hermit life is getting to me.


Wanda Mingo said...

Hi, Gisele! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too perky! Hopefully some improving weather will help! Keep getting all the rest you can and time will heal. Hope to see you in November!

Anonymous said...

Gigi, sometimes things don't go as we wish, but keep the faith, it will improve. Believe me, I know about the mind wanting one thing and the body says something different. Continue to take it slow, it takes time for the body to heal. You're still quite active with your photography, which we all enjoy, with time hopefully the hiking will also return. You may not think there's much to blog about, but I enjoy reading whatever you blog, so keep it up please!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of yourself, you're in my thoughts and prayers.